dating apps2日目日記-try to write my notes in English

I don't know what I thought before, I started communication with men and women in dating apps. Also in that situation I wrote my introduction in English and I amazed that English is the best language to express opinion. My primary language is Japanese but sometimes I feel "English is the best to write and think about this topic". My English is not fruent, but I try to take my note in English today.

Using those apps is very hard for me because there're few information about the person who I talk to. I recognize that I'm good at communication in chatting. However, the partners are sometimes not good at. Also I want some friends, not my lover or future spouse. In addition to these things, my opinions about discriminations or other  issues in the world and political position are lately avoided by almost all of the men (I think, I don't know exactly). So these may be some of the difficulty of my activities. 

To find the person who can talk with less stress, I try to this procedure. First, edit introduction freely (remark my opinion or thought, books and music) and in that text, "people who checked my introduction for this sentence, please message me something+emoji of the animals whichever you like"open my photos. Then, the person who intrested in me check and notified to me. So, check their introductions and send the message "thank you for matching, please check my introduction" and if the person I matched who correctly read my introduction (at least they can know about me, what kind of person), send me some text and animal emoji. This method refer to otaku-trading method to select reliable partner which using litlink or twpro. I don't know this is the best way to find friend. However I really want to talk with new person and want to know how other people think and feel about this world, Japan and society. For these reasons, I try to use the apps for some months and make some conversations with others. 

Finally, I must say thanks to my friend, who used dating app in August and told me the experinences about that. Also many things are complicated and influenced to me to find new person and talk with. I always amazed why I do these things, about all most all my actions. However I looked back my hobbies, favorite things, peoples who I met on the internet and so on, then I wonder that I was really influenced those and accept my situation. It's very interesting for me. 

I thought that the process of Japanese education and steps of learning English limit the vocabularies of Japanese. I felt I cannot use English freely and have difficulty with expressing my feelings.